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US Tax Returns – We can help

Whether you are a US Citizen, Green Card holder or you simply own assets based in the USA, you will be required to complete and file an Annual US Tax Return. Our team are IRS Enrolled Agents and specialise in the preparation and submission of US Tax Returns for non-US resident expatriates and UK investors.

We can help you with:
• US Tax Return Preparation for individuals
• Reporting Controlled Foreign Corporations
• FBAR returns
• ITIN Applications
• US and International Tax Planning
• Enrolled IRS Agents
• Fixed Fees

We have years of experience completing US Tax returns from the straightforward to the highly complex.

Who needs to complete a Return?

Even if not currently living in the USA, almost every US citizen, Green Card holder and even some foreign nationals need to file annual tax returns. Since American citizens and Green Card holders are subject to US Federal income tax on their worldwide income, the fact of moving abroad means tax affairs instantly become more complicated.

Filing separate tax returns in more than one country and dealing with the interaction of tax issues requires specialist advice.

Non-Americans may also have annual US filing requirements – for example, non-US partners of a US partnership, owners of US property or those doing business in the United States may need to file tax returns. The list of potential pitfalls is a long one.

Our team of experienced tax professionals can provide practical and bespoke assistance in all areas of individual tax compliance and planning.

When do I need to file?

The US tax year runs to December 31st each year, and a tax return normally needs to be filed by the following April 15th (with some exceptions). For US expats, however, an automatic extension of two months is provided if you are living abroad on Tax Day.

For a calendar year return, the automatic two-month extension is to June 15th. If you qualify for the 2-month extension but are unable to file your return by the automatic two-month extension date, you can request an additional extension to October 15th by filing Form 4868 (Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) before the automatic 2-month extension date. We can help with this if you wish.

Penalties for late payment
If you qualify for the 2-month extension, penalties for paying any tax late are assessed from the 2-month extended due date of the payment (i.e. June 15th). Otherwise, if you do not qualify for the 2-month extension, penalties for paying late are assessed from the original due date of your return (April 15th for calendar year taxpayers).

Your questions answered

What are the Federal Tax deadlines for 2017?
These are the important dates for 2017 that you should know (they are specific to 2017, due to the way Tax Day falls this year):
April 18, 2017: Federal Tax Deadline
This is the Federal filing deadline for US citizens who are not currently living abroad. If you are living abroad on this date, you’ll receive an automatic two-month extension until June 15.
April 18, 2017: Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) Filing Deadline
The due date for Form FinCEN 114 now falls on Tax Day. It must be filed online using the BSA e-filing system, and there are extensions available until October 15, 2017.
June 15, 2017: US Expat Tax Deadline (without extension)
This is the deadline for US expatriate taxes and also the deadline to file an additional extension. If you are required to file FATCA Form 8938, it must be filed along with your US expat tax return. If you file for an extension, the extension applies to Form 8938, as well.
October 16, 2017: Final US Expat Tax, FBAR and FATCA Deadlines
If you filed an extension prior to June 15th, this is your final deadline for your US expatriate taxes, FBAR and FATCA filing. Normally the deadline is October 15th, but due to it falling on a Sunday, the tax deadline is extended.
What if I am a shareholder of a Controlled Foreign Corporation?
 If you hold 10% or more of the shares in a UK company then you may also have to report not only your own income but also the profits, assets and bank account balances for the company.

We are specialists in completing 5471 returns for investors in Controlled Foreign Corporations.

Can Burton Sweet help with FBAR Returns?
 In addition to your annual US Return you may also need to complete an annual Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) return for the IRS. If you have non-US bank accounts, or if you are simply a signatory on a company bank account, then details of the account may have to be included on the return.

We can guide you through the information that is required and complete the return on your behalf.

What if I need to make an ITIN Application?
 If you have certain US Source income you need to request what’s known as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). We handle ITIN applications for investors in the USA from all over the world.

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