Case study: CityDoc: Hands-on financial assistance

Established in 20006, CityDoc is an ambitious medical service provider who runs several clinics in central London and has expanded to around two hundred pharmacies across Britain. They offer a variety of services, including vaccinations, pathology, and disease screening.

At the beginning of 2020, the company was acquired by the European Lifecare Group. In line with the group’s aspirations, CityDoc’s systems would require some revision to match increased demand. With a multitude of concerns to attend to, the group’s Financial Controller and CFO could not focus exclusively on CityDoc, which would need additional attention to ensure optimal financial management. Without this deep assessment and sophisticated prediction, it would be difficult to sustain the same rate of success.

Burton Sweet has worked alongside CityDoc for around five years, offering reliable financial advice and analysis. However, CityDoc needed a deeper reporting system to monitor more complex sales channels and support intelligent expansion to facilitate growth.

Zoe, one of our team at Burton Sweet, has worked alongside CityDoc for a number of years as a financial assistant. This continued relationship means Zoe has a thorough understanding of the company’s processes and targets. During this time, she has assisted CityDoc by analysing cashflow and increasing understanding around spending. This ensures areas of profitability are identified and utilised.

One of our directors, Ed, has also worked as a strategic advisor with CityDoc; in this role, he has helped keep the organisation agile, ready for any opportunities that may arise. The pandemic is a good example of this because it presented a chance to increase market share but required proper financial planning to avoid any missteps.

With Burton Sweet supporting the financial department, CityDoc could make definite progress from an assured position. This comprehensive understanding of their finances means they can invest in new products and continue to develop in fresh areas, planning their future strategy with greater confidence.

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