Coronavirus: Working With You – A practical guide

At Burton Sweet we are always looking for ways to help our clients.

You will be aware that the government has set out a number of measures to support businesses and individuals through this crisis. Some of these measures are set out in the following booklet along with advice and guidance as appropriate.

Our role is to help you get the government support promised and to provide you with advice and guidance on managing the risks to your business whilst maximising your cash flow, ensuring you meet filing deadlines and other compliance requirements.

We are committed to helping our clients through this period of uncertainty and will be available for help and assistance throughout.

This a guide to practically help you think through your options and implement a strategy to optimise the cash that you have and therefore enable you to continue successfully through this period.

A step by step guide to maximising your cash flow

Contents 1. Forecast your cash flow 2. Deferring HMRC payments and loan/mortgage holiday 3. Furloughing employees 4. Rates relief, applying for grants and help for the self-employed 5. Applying for a government backed loan 6. Changes to rules 7. Charities – management of funds and reserves

To view the full guide please download using the link below.

Download the factsheet

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