Tax Investigation Service

To protect you in the event that HMRC stages an investigation of your business or charity, we offer a subscription service to ensure not only that you have expert advice at your disposal when it’s needed, but also a 24hr Business Legal Helpline at no extra cost, manned by specialist lawyers.

We can advise on:

Employment Law

  • Recruitment
  • Discrimination
  • Appraisal and disciplinary procedures

Health and Safety

  • Undertaking Health & Safety Assessments
  • Correct procedures in the work place
  • Understanding new legislation

Commercial Issues

  • Intellectual property
  • Small Claims Court Procedures
  • Business Tenancies
  • Debt Recovery
  • Dealing with Complaint Letters
  • Dealing with Statutory Demands


  • Self Assessment Full Enquiries
  • Income Tax Self Assessment Aspect Enquiries
  • Corporation Tax Self Assessment Aspect Enquiries
  • HMRC Enquiries under IR35
  • Employer Compliance Disputes
  • HMRC VAT Disputes
  • Schedule 36 Enquiries

Our Tax Investigations Service is fully backed by an Insurance Policy, which the practice has taken out with Abbey Tax Protection. The Service covers the period from 1st December annually and we are able to make a claim in respect of the fees which we accrue when we defend a client who is under investigation by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in respect of any of the events listed in the table on the front page.

With the Government looking to reduce the massive national debt it is likely that there will be continued pressure on HMRC to bring in additional monies to the Exchequer. The Government continues to give HMRC resources to tackle the ‘tax gap’ and raise additional revenue.

HMRC have also redeployed more tax officers into compliance work. We have seen a large rise in the number of enquiries in the last year. Year on year we will inevitably see a continued increase in the number and scope of enquiries.

Our Tax Investigations Service is designed to reimburse the costs of you obtaining professional advice from your own tax advisers at Burton Sweet in the event that you are selected for enquiry, whilst at the same time providing you with the best possible representation and assurance that you won’t have to concede to the Revenue’s demands on a purely commercial basis.

As well as in-depth enquiries the Service provides support for aspect enquiries and the new real time record reviews enabling us to ensure that you receive the best possible support. It also supports you in preparing for certain compliance visits from HMRC too.

A typical in-depth enquiry can last eighteen months and cost upwards of £5000 (net of VAT) in professional fees.

Whilst other schemes may offer similar-sounding cover, this is often for in-depth enquiries only or for the use of third party advisers to assist/negotiate with HMRC.

As an example, Tax Investigation Protection cover from a leading trade organisation has an indemnity level of only £50,000 a third lower than the Tax Investigations Service, does not include support for business record checks or other ‘Schedule 36’ review visits and appoints a tax investigations specialist rather than your own accountant to deal with the enquiry.

We will be responsible and have the discretion for making claims under our Service. There is a maximum Limit of Indemnity of £75,000 in respect of our professional fees for any one claim. In the event you suffer an investigation, we will represent you and reclaim any costs incurred in dealing with the Enquiry directly from the insurance company. Clients will be responsible for any fees that we cannot recover from our Insurers. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a VAT invoice as confirmation of your subscription to our Service.


  • Claims arising where the annual Returns/Accounts are submitted “late”; i.e. outside the statutory time limits.
  • HMRC Specialist Investigations, Civil Investigations of Fraud, Criminal Investigations Sections and Code of Practice 8 and 9 cases.
  • Fees incurred prior to the written acceptance of a claim.
  • Enquiries and disputes existing at the time you subscribe to the Service.
  • Enquiries and disputes following a voluntary disclosure of irregularities made to HMRC.
  • Enquiries into tax planning arrangements where HMRC have allocated a Tax Avoidance Scheme Number.

For more information contact our experts Nigel Harris at or call him on 01749 342255, or Chris Mair on or call him on 01934 620011

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