Financial Due Diligence


If you’re thinking of buying a business you need to go in with your eyes open. That’s where our Financial Due Diligence team can look closely at the target business on your behalf. We assess the key issues facing your business and the drivers behind maintainable profits and cash flows. We also identify the key financial risks and therefore potential deal breakers of the transaction.

No stone left unturned

We will look at the business carefully including:

  • earnings
  • projections
  • cash flow
  • capital expenditure
  • asset values
  • management and employee records
  • liabilities
  • commitments
  • contingent liabilities that might arise after the deal has been completed.

Past and future financial due diligence

Tax is always an issue with business acquisitions, so part of our financial due diligence work will be to review the tax history of the target business. Is there a risk of undisclosed or unquantified tax liabilities arising in future? Are there any issues with the tax compliance history in the past? Any potential skeletons in the cupboard? Our team is trained to ask the right questions and root out anything lurking in the closet.

Business valuations and share valuations, whether you are buying or selling, is another service we provide in addition to financial due diligence.

Even if you’re “just looking” at the moment, give us a call and find out how we can help.

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