Burton Sweet Charities Event – 28/01/2021

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Event Summary

At our well-attended online catch-up on 28/01/2021 the Burton Sweet Charities and Civil Society Team shared some key considerations for charities in 2021, provided some helpful resources and answered a lot of delagates’ questions.


The file above contains the slides that were used during the Burton Sweet Charities Event Hosted by Burton Sweet Charities Ed Marsh– Charity Developer, Cecile Gillard – Charities Legal Manager and Josh Kingston – Charities Partner.
The slides cover:

• Managing financial difficulties
• Short term / long term dilemma
• Maintaining good governance
• Pursuing your charitable purposes
• Safeguarding
• Fraud risk and cybercrime
• Accounting and reporting
• Learning lessons from the crisis

If you are a charity and would like to get in touch or find out more about how we can help, visit Burton Sweet Charities website or get in touch with the charities team.

Useful information for Burton Sweet Charities Event – 28/01/2021

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