What is working with Burton Sweet like?

One of the most engaging parts of our work at Burton Sweet is meeting new clients and finding out how we can assist them. Below we have outlined what working with us looks like and the steps we might take with you and/or your organisation as a client.

How to find us

We have offices in Flax Bourton (just outside of Bristol), Shepton Mallet and Weston-super-Mare, as well as a market day office in Frome.

You may have found us via our website, read our articles, met us at one of our events, or received our newsletters.

What we can do for you

We have a broad range of services for individuals, companies, sole traders and partnerships, solicitors, charities and other third sector entities.

From bookkeeping and tax services to audit and charity legal guidance, we aim to have the capabilities to find the best solution for you.

Contacting us

The primary way for you to get in touch initially would be to fill in our contact form and describe what you need.

Alternately you may choose to call us, so we can direct you towards the relevant expert.

After this, we will speak with you or have a free, initial meeting to discuss what we can do for you, and how you would like us to proceed, in more detail.

Next steps

After the early contact stages, we’ll determine the service you require and offer a quote. In most cases this will be a fixed fee quote. For any subsequent work, or the same work in subsequent years, we will send you a new quote.

We use an app to email you our engagement letter, terms of business and the quote for you to sign electronically.

Necessary checks

Once you’ve accepted the engagement with us, we’ll follow up, asking for some of your details including certified ID evidence for anti-money laundering purposes.

As a chartered accountancy practice, we have certain responsibilities to conduct these checks as part of our due diligence process for all our clients, in a similar way to what a bank requires when you open an account.

Working with you

You’ll have a key contact who will oversee or conduct your work. They’ll stay in touch with you to guide you through the important details you should know. If you have questions at any point, they’ll be the person with the answers.

All the work we do for you is carried out by our team based in our offices in South West England. Occasionally, there are areas of work outside of our areas of expertise, where we will refer you to an expert we know and trust, or with your permission, ask that expert to engage with us on the work.

We’ll often communicate with you using email or phone calls. Meetings are held using Teams or Zoom, as well as traditional, in-person meetings.

When collaborating with our clients we use a portal or secure shared folder to pass documents to each other, so we can update them on items we require to proceed.

Once completed, most pieces work will come across to you electronically, sometimes using a piece of software for you (and sometimes us) to sign.

Something else you need

Often, we find that our clients engage us initially for one piece of work or recurring work, but at some point (due to growth, a change in staffing, or other new requirement) they employ us to carry out another service for them.

In these cases, we become more integrated with our clients, initially providing statutory services, then supplying another bookkeeping or finance function. This is an effective solution for them, because they require specific expertise for areas such as tax planning, constitution change or assurance work and they are already familiar with our approach and our team.

Whatever your situation, we’ll do our best to assist you. Our role is to keep things simple, so you don’t have to worry about any possible complexities or the burden of any technical actions.

If you have a question, get in touch with your key contact, use our contact form, or for more overarching enquires talk to one of our directors Ed Furse or Josh Kingston.


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