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Allowing you to focus on what you do best

Running a business or charity can be complex enough without the additional concern of staying on top of the numbers. What can seem like more pressing concerns can be prioritised, so insufficient attention is left for proper financial management. Despite this, taking good care of your finances is a necessity, that allows your other, important organisational functions to succeed.

This is where Burton Sweet come in; we can take care of your finances, so your business can thrive.

Services designed with you in mind

Burton Sweet have worked with organisations of every size, from solo-practitioners to multi-location, international companies.

Our diligent and experienced team of accountants can offer a flexible end-to-end service that can adapt to your ambitions and budgetary needs.

Financial direction – Have confidence you’re heading in the right direction

Would you like a fresh perspective on your business’s finances?

It can often be the case that solutions and fresh opportunities you seek are just out of reach. Number heavy data sheets and reports can seem confusing, making it difficult to identify what aspects are excelling and which might require some attention.

Our financial directors can assist you in:

  • identifying the key metrics that are impacting your company performance
  • creating proposals and plans for scaling
  • enhancing focus on targets

The impartial advice our highly qualified accountants offer can act as a catalyst, demonstrating how operational actions are reflected in the numbers and consequently, how future decision-making can extract the maximum possible profit.

Financial control – More than bookkeeping

You may not have the infrastructure or resources to employ someone to take care of your finances in a full-time role. Not to worry…

Burton Sweet offer a financial controller service that goes above simply dealing with everyday challenges and aims to improve your systems sustainably. This involves an outsourced specialist/team of accountants working tailored hours to ensure you have a more detailed knowledge of your numbers, that your financial processes are running optimally and you are supported whenever required.

It can be easy to get distracted by less important metrics; we can increase clarity on areas such as:

  • improving gross profit
  • determining cashflow
  • calculating the relationship between marketing spend and revenue

Don’t stress about the numbers. We can simplify your financial processes, by highlighting what areas of your organisation are most profitable and that which are proving most expensive, so you can identify a more profitable path forward. 

Financial assistance – A deeper, detailed understanding

Whether you have a pile of receipts, maintain a spreadsheet, or are already using accounting software, we can ‘sort your books,’ giving you the peace of mind that your finances are not only up-to-date, but optimised to best support the aims of your business.

Having confidence that your finances are being managed effectively means you can dedicate more time to pursuing opportunities and new initiatives. Our financial assistants can help you with tasks, such as:

Primary support

  • introducing accounting software
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Sales and purchase ledger maintenance
  • Paying suppliers and monitoring what you owe
  • VAT and other HMRC returns

Additional support

  • Credit control
  • Generating monthly management accounts
  • Improving and producing forecasts for cashflow
  • Making budgets to help cost control management
  • Ensuring your internal systems function optimally

We can also help to assist with specialist and technical areas such as CIS, factoring and charity accounts.

Get in touch with our experts…

Having the assurance of a specialist working across your finances isn’t just about number crunching, but will allow your organisation to develop in all directions from a far stronger base.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more information, or if any of the services outlined above might benefit your business.

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Head of Bookkeeping

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