Case study: Self-Assessment Tax Returns

An elderly lady asked us to assist with the preparation of her annual Self- Assessment Tax Returns. These are fairly complex as she had been widowed for a couple of years and had inherited the majority of her husband’s estate. This included rental properties, an investment portfolio and his pension fund. She also had some personal wealth of her own, including further investments, income from a family trust, plus her own pensions and savings interest.

Previously she received services from her late husband’s accountants, who had acted for him when he was in business and were based close to where he had run the business. She now wanted to engage the services of an accountant closer to her home with whom she could build her own relationship, as her husband had done with his accountant.

We met with her to discuss her needs, and we both agreed that we would be able to provide all the support and ongoing advice that she required. Six years later we have developed a good working relationship, provide regular valuable tax advice and ensure she always has plenty of advance notice of upcoming tax liabilities.

Alison and her colleagues at Burton Sweet always provide a prompt and friendly service. I like knowing that my tax affairs are in safe hands.

Alison Tideswell

Small Business & Tax Manager

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We’ll help you better understand your personal tax accounts, and prepare and submit your self-assessment for your annual personal tax return.

Trusts & Estates

Burton Sweet can support you in reviewing existing or proposed wills and in creating strategies for post-death tax planning.

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