Case study: Administration of an Estate

We work closely with a number of firms of solicitors who regularly deal with the administration of Estates. Where more complex tax issues arise they seek support from the trusts and estates experts at Burton Sweet.

This may involve completing Estate tax returns if needed, or recognising when the “informal” system can be used and drafting a letter for the Executors to sign.

Once completed, the relevant form and payment is sent to HMRC and approval sought that all Income Tax issues of the Estate have been dealt with, giving assurance to the solicitors and their clients that all tax matters have been settled.

We will also assist solicitors with planning opportunities that may arise during the administration of an Estate, and can also complete forms R185 as required. It is our practice to agree with the solicitors the scope of the work required for each case, and a fixed fee is agreed before any work is undertaken.

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Burton Sweet can support you in reviewing existing or proposed wills and in creating strategies for post-death tax planning.

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