Celebrating Neil Kingston’s time at Burton Sweet

September 2023 marks a significant milestone for Burton Sweet. 

Founded in 1969, we have expanded, contracted, specialised and diversified at different points over the years. The name of our firm is derived from our two founding partners, Stuart Burton and David Sweet, who went on to invite five successor partners to join them. This month sees the retirement of the last of these five partners – Neil Kingston. 

We are happy to say that we are in touch with many of our previous partners, including Terry Wicks, who still offers his specialist skills as a consultant for us on our Trusts and Estates team. We fondly remember Geoff Cole, our much-loved friend and colleague, who very sadly passed away in June 2018. 

After a long and successful innings, serving and leading Burton Sweet for the last 39 years, Neil moved away from ownership in 2020, and from September, has stepped down as a director. Neil’s role has evolved within the firm over the years, as he moved his base of operation from Clifton to Dursley, where he spent many years building a successful team there, whilst leading the practice. 

As his son, it has been a privilege for me to work for my father, then alongside him and now as one of his successors. There are not many of us that can say that we have worked with our parents; fewer still that they enjoyed the experience as much as I have. I am grateful for the fruitful relationship we both enjoyed at work and at home. 

Neil is a thoughtful man, mixing serious principles with a cheerful and mischievous character! I admire the way that he managed to weather the stresses of being an employer and owner, whilst giving his best to his work.  

We are grateful to Neil for his contribution to the firm, his guidance and direction, and his care for the many employees that have worked with him over the years. 

We also extend our thanks to Carrie, Neil’s wife, who has supported him over the years, allowing him to dedicate time and efforts. 

So, what’s next for Neil? 

Aside from the odd piece of consultancy work, some charity collaboration and time with the family, Neil is spending much of his time competitively hitting croquet balls around the various competition lawns across the country. It will surprise none of you that know him that he has become rather adept, much to the dismay of the club’s pre-existing pecking order!  

In croquet, the final, winning shot of the game is called ‘pegging out.’ We like to think Neil has ‘pegged out’ his time at Burton Sweet, after a particularly successful game that will be long and warmly remembered. 

Josh Kingston – Director of Burton Sweet 


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