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‘For me, the best things about working with Burton Sweet, are the peace of mind and good regular communication they provide. I am always advised in advance of any action required. The time and guidance they gave when I started out was, and still is, priceless to me.’

When he was young, Simon Green loved building static models; this progressed to moving and radio-controlled vehicles, even including helicopters and other aircraft.

Over the years, Simon built up an expansive and detailed knowledge in this area. He felt that it would be fantastic to monetise this passion and turn his specialist hobby into a functioning business, where he could expand and share his skills.

In 2015, Simon’s brother suggested he contact Burton Sweet, to assist him in setting up this company, as Simon had no previous experience in this area. This meant that everything could be established properly, so that the ongoing running of his business was as simple and effective as possible.

Burton Sweet helped Simon register his new company, complete all the tax registrations and introduce a suitable bookkeeping system on Xero, that was easy for him to update and use. We ensured that he was on top of all tax and statutory deadlines, so that nothing was overlooked or late.

With Burton Sweet taking care of his finances, this meant Simon could focus on his real passion, allowing him to see his up-to-date profit and VAT liability at any time and feel confident that everything was in hand.

Now, Greens Models are suppliers of radio-controlled models, specialising in large scale military vehicles, and a wide range of kits, parts and electronics.

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