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Greens Models are suppliers of radio-controlled models, specialising in large scale military vehicles, and a wide range of kits, parts and electronics.

Simon Green started by building static models as a child right through to RC cars, trains and trucks to building, flying and maintaining RC helicopters and other aircraft.  Over this time he has built up a phenomenal amount of knowledge and experience and is always happy to advise on any aspect of the hobby.

How we helped Simon

Having no prior business experience, when Simon was thinking of starting up his business in 2015 his brother recommended that he speak to Burton Sweet for advice and to make sure everything was set up as it should be.

We helped Simon register the new company, completed all the tax registrations and set up a suitable bookkeeping system on Xero that is easy to use and gives him peace of mind by allowing him to see his up-to-date profit and VAT liability at any time.

He also knows that all tax and statutory deadlines are monitored to ensure that nothing is overlooked or late.

The best things about working with Burton Sweet, for me, are peace of mind and good regular communication, you always advise me in advance of any action required. The time and advice given when I started out was, and still is priceless to me. There have been times due to ill health when I’ve felt overwhelmed, so the peace of mind thing kept me going, I can’t emphasize that enough.

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