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Wells Touring Park offers a relaxed, adults-only retreat in the beautiful Somerset countryside. Caravans, lodges, boat breaks, and cottages can be rented and purchased, giving patrons the choice of their ideal holiday break. The park represents the hard work of its entrepreneur owner, who continually looks to expand and improve his business.

Entrepreneurial flair is often associated with optimism – recognising opportunity is only possible with a positive, forward-thinking mindset. Although this is an asset, having an independent, outside party to ground, your ideas can be vital in helping you find the most productive actions. Burton Sweet was brought in to work alongside Wells Touring Park to provide this assurance and give detached strategic advice.

Running the Touring Park presents a number of challenges, including identifying which areas of the business are most profitable, monitoring the upkeep costs of caravans, lodges, etc., and working alongside the local authority. Having worked with Burton Sweet over the past fifteen years, the owner believed that he could develop the park from a position of financial confidence with their assistance.

Arabella, one of our team at Burton Sweet, works as financial controller for the park, with a direct focus each week on what profits are made and how these can be stimulated. More detailed reports are produced by introducing the Xero accounting system to provide further clarity and more insightful forward predictions. This analysis eliminates the chance of investment in less profitable areas. Nigel, one of our senior team at Burton Sweet, has also acted as a sounding board for ideas and offers guidance on the wider business strategy.

Working alongside Burton Sweet has meant the Wells Touring Park’s owner can improve the business from an assured position. The combination of his optimism and the tangible results shown by the reports means a progressive and sensible strategy for the future can be found. With Burton Sweet taking care of the financial complexities, the owner has a total focus on making the park as idyllic and profitable as possible.

To find out more about the park, go to their website.

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