Business Improvement Services


Our Business Improvement Services take a deep dive into your business finances. We give you advice on financial health best practices from our qualified, proven accountants. 

From analysing your business performance and goals to improving your management reporting, we make sure you always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

Focusing on improving your business

✔️ Building on previous financial performance.
✔️ Understand your underperforming areas with relevant financial metrics.
✔️ Personalised monthly/quarterly performance reports.
✔️ Recommended suggestions on areas to focus on.
✔️ Education on best practice financial management and business improvement.
✔️ Easy to implement templates to adopt, based on your performance.
✔️ Q&A with expert business advisors and chartered accountants.
✔️ Cash flow forecasts at different timeframes. 
✔️ Structured 90-day business growth plan.
✔️ Highlight specific challenges and advice on overcoming problems.
✔️ Relevant business ideas and information delivered regularly to your Inbox.

The four pillars of a successful business

We structure our business services around the four pillars of a successful business:

  1. Improving profit margins – Customer segmentation & retention, pricing structure and controlling overheads
  2. Increasing income – Pricing strategy, cross-selling, upselling and referrals
  3. Controlling cash – managing debtors and creditors, using recurring contracts, debt restructuring and an introduction to invoice finance
  4. Enhancing the value of your business – Multi-year contracts, the basics of intellectual property, reducing owner dependency and diversifying your customer base

How can we help you?

Our business improvement specialist, Ed Furse, is on hand to answer your queries about how to make improvements to your business. Why not contact him via our contact form to arrange a free 1-to-1 telephone or Zoom call to explore how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Ed Furse
Ed Furse


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