How to make financial management easier

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Would you like someone to take care of your company’s day-to-day financial challenges?

Running a business can be complex enough without the additional concern of staying on top of the numbers. The trouble is, what might seem like more pressing actions can be prioritised to the detriment of proper financial management.

So having someone who can come into your organisation regularly and oversee the accounting side can be a real asset, allowing you to focus on what you do best, for example, seeking more productive opportunities and new initiatives.

Business Improvement Role: Financial assistant

At Burton Sweet, we recognise the value of this role and offer a financial assistant service to many clients. This frees up business owners to give attention to the important decisions, backed by a stronger understanding of their numbers.

Zoë Powell, one of our team, specialises in this area. She and her colleagues provide our clients with all-around financial assistance, build confidence, and manage day-to-day tasks such as data entry, pay-runs, and help clients improve their management reporting and cash flow.

Assistance with managing accounts

How much better could your organisation be with someone monitoring your finances, freeing up your time and relieving you of this stress?

Zoë ensures all aspects of compliance, such as:

  1. Paying suppliers and monitoring what you owe
  2. Credit control and invoicing
  3. VAT and other HMRC returns

In addition, her regular interaction with clients provides a holistic understanding of their business, so she can support them with whatever financial challenges they may have.

Why a financial assistant benefits any business

Introducing better reporting systems and effective accounting software such as Xero are key examples of how you can improve financial accessibility and simplify transactions.

With Zoë in this dedicated role, clients can free themselves of sleepless nights worrying about their accounts and approach each day with increased clarity.

She can help you pinpoint the key areas you need to focus on, prepare for the future by monitoring and chasing unpaid invoices and highlight areas of highest profit and expense.

Not an ordinary bookkeeper

A financial assistant does more than simply dealing with the nitty-gritty challenges of each week. But also helps improve processes sustainably.

Having the assurance of a specialist working across your finances is a benefit not only in this area but will allow your organisation to develop in all directions from a far stronger base.

Financial Assistant client case study

Working together with CityDoc since 2016

Zoe has a thorough understanding of the company’s processes and targets. During this time, she has assisted CityDoc by analysing cash flow and increasing understanding around spending. This ensures areas of profitability are identified and utilised.

Does your company need a Zoe to systemise & structure your finances more efficiently?

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