Cecile Gillard

Charities & civil society legal manager

Cecile Gillard
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Cecile is a charity and civil society legal specialist. She advises charities, social enterprises, CICs and other organisations operating in the impact economy and civil society, supporting them with practical guidance on how to work effectively within relevant parameters. Her areas of expertise include charity and company law, the regulation, legal administration and governance of organisations, constitutions and trading activities.

Clients include faith-based groups, churches and other places of worship, museums, arts and cultural organisations, international development organisations, heritage charities, medical and scientific organisations, professional bodies, educational charities, sports and recreational grounds charities, community and village halls, social welfare and family support charities, community transport organisations, organisations supporting those with disabilities and life-limiting conditions, community amateur sports clubs and community interest companies.

“I have known Cecile for a number of years and could not think of anyone better to support us. Cecile is a joy to work with and her knowledge base on Charities, Charity Law and practical set up is absolutely outstanding. She has been fantastic, pragmatic, approachable, and easily contactable throughout our process and I would not hesitate to recommend her highly enough. She is such a great person, a lovely positive attitude, well connected, a mine of information and what is most important, does not explain in complicated terms but she makes sure information is relevant, easily understandable and given in a practical context.” Vanessa Moon, Chair, Insane Root Theatre CIO  

Cecile also writes for journals and publications, helps develop and review best practice guidance and serves on working parties commenting in proposed legal reforms and developments. She has a number of published titles including ‘Charity Checklists’ and ‘How to Run a Charity’. She also leads training and development activities for boards, staff and volunteers.

Cecile is a member of the Charity Law Association. She has helped develop and deliver a number of governance events for the Chartered Institute of Governance and is co-tutor for the Institute’s Certificate in Charity Law and Governance.

Besides charities, Cecile’s other enthusiasms range from wildlife and birding to churches and cathedrals, classical and church music – and steam locomotives!


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