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Do you want total confidence in your finances to help push your company forward?

Why have a financial controller?

Burton Sweet provide a financial controller service that helps companies analyse their numbers with greater clarity and strategise effectively for the future. Some smaller businesses do not have the resources or infrastructure to employ someone full-time in this role; therefore, Burton Sweet offer an alternative with an outsourced person/group working part-time and giving support when needed.

One of our team, Arabella Browne, has worked as a financial controller with a number of clients, offering a service that builds their confidence to develop progressively. By reviewing management information and working closely with her clients, Arabella builds a deeper understanding of their businesses.

Arabella is well equipped to advise them and offer a new level of accountability to ensure that targets are met.

The benefits of having a financial controller

In her work with clients, Arabella highlights areas of the finances that require attention. Without this objectivity, some business owners can become too engrossed in headline numbers like sales. With key focuses on improving gross profit, reducing overheads and managing cash flow, each company, alongside Burton Sweet, can manage their numbers optimally, eliminating any chance of costly mistakes.

Would you like to feel this assured in your key decisions?

Considering the wider vision is essential when working closely with a company. Burton Sweet ensure they understand what their clients’ wish to achieve and how they want to do this.

As the overall business plan should be reflective of this vision, the financial plan and consequent budgeting are also directly correlated.

Regular meetings guarantee that progress is sustained; this allows proper planning. For example, money can be put aside for VAT, corporation tax or future investment.

Why choose Arabella as your financial controller?

With an outsourced financial controller, companies can assess their numbers coherently, allowing them to identify the best path forward. In addition, by having someone like Arabella onboard, business owners can rest easier knowing that they are prepared for any future challenges and opportunities.

Does your organisation need an Arabella to increase financial clarity?

Contact Arabella and see how she can help your business flourish she has done with all her clients.


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